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Totally free legit money NO BULLSHIT NGs CLICK THIS FOR FREE $$ NO LIES!!

2009-07-10 02:53:50 by Be-Easy

hi fellow nerdgrounders... that new ANGRY FAIC sticker you want outside of your budget that 1337 ng tee cost a little too much, or maybe youd just like to buy a prostitute. whatever the case.. come check this out!! get FREE MONEY here at

sign up for an account and you will not regret it!!! this is no scam/spam bullshit.. although there might be some spam sent to your fake email you should make... but besides that you can put fake info for a bunch of surveys and get payed FREE MONEY monthly by

it will cost you NOTHING only a little bit of time.. its easy... theres little tips and tricks to make it quicker also.. pm if youre interested in them.. after you make an account at of course!!

i shit u not newgrounds

You can enter all FAKE INFORMATION for the surveys..
The key to the surveys is to just keep saying no to all their offers and skipping through as much as you can until you get to the screen that say congratulations you are qualified or almost qualified or on your last steps. Once you get to that page you can close it and submit that survey.

To get through the surveys faster you can hit Alt and + to say yes or no to all the yes/no offers at once. Also you can get Google Autofill or Roboform to fill all your information in for you.

As for referring, cashcrate has an awesome referral system. Any referral of yours that makes $10 automatically makes you $5 (the $3 bonus plus the 20% you make off of anything they make. To refer the best thing to do is make a simple blog about or whatever you want


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2009-07-10 02:59:31

You know getting a real job will get you money faster than spamming NG. BUT WORKING IS FOR LOSERS WHAT AM I SAYING?!

Be-Easy responds:

yea sure bud